Cloth Diaper Acronyms/Definitions


I wanted to make this blog post for all the new people to cloth diapering. If you are anything like I was, it can be overwhelming with all the cloth diaper lingo. It’s like a whole other world. So I’ve added to this list as I have learned and done some research and learned some more! Below are all the acronyms I have came up with. 

AIO - All in one (The cloth diaper and insert are sewn together)

AI2 - All in two (Insert can be snapped into the pocket diaper)

APLIX- Velcro ( Also known as hook and loop. Another fastener for cloth diapers besides snaps.)

ASAP - As soon as possible

AWJ - Athletic wicking jersey (This is a type of cloth diaper liner. It is most resistant to stains and wicks moisture away from the baby. It is most used for sports jerseys but works just as well if not better as a cloth diaper liner)

BABY LED WEANING- when you skip baby purées altogether and go straight to table foods. Usually around 6 months after pediatricians go ahead. 

BST - Buy sell trade (There are a plethora of BST Groups on Facebook, and they are a good spot to find deals on cloth diapers)

BF - Breastfeeding

CBI - Charcoal bamboo insert (This is a type of insert for cloth diapers. Inserts are what you either snap into an AIO, or stuff in a pocket diaper. Charcoal bamboo inserts are mostly microfiber wrapped in fleece or a bamboo/synthetic blend outer layer. Making the absorbency a tad better than regular microfiber inserts.  

CD- Cloth diaper(s)

CLOTH WIPES- Usually used along side of cloth diapers. These are reusable baby wipes that you wash after using and reuse. 

CLOTH- What is used with cloth wipes to clean baby. I make my own with water, baby wash, and .coconut oil. However, you can also purchase yours.

DH- Dear Husband 

DIAPER- American term for “nappy”

DIAPER COVER- this is the outer water resistant layer usually used alongside a fitted or a flat.

DIAPER SPRAYER- An attachment for your toilet that sprays off solid waste from baby’s diaper. Or a hose works just fine. :)

DG- A second set of elastics on the diaper. 

DOND - Deal or no deal (This term is used greatly on BST groups. You make an offer on their sale post and the OP will either accept or decline. Making it a deal or no deal.)

DOUBLER- any added inserts  to the original to increase absorbency.

EBF - Exclusively breastfeeding

EUC - Excellent used condition (Another BST term)

FITTED- A diaper usually made out of cotton or bamboo hemp. A cover is required with this to make it leak proof. 

FLAT- Any fabric (usually cotton) that you can fold to wrap around your baby as a diaper. Used with a snappi.

FLEECE- Used inside diapers as liners, or it can be used as a cover. 

FLUFF-cloth diapers

FSO- For sale only. (BST term)

FSOT - For sell or trade (BST)

FST - Flour sack towel (These are actual tea towels used as inserts. They are 100% cotton, making the absorbency great. They are also very cheap.)

GUC - Good used condition (BST term)

HE - High efficiency (This is a type of washer that reduces energy use and can usually wash more laundry in one go than a regular washer.)

INSERT- This is what you stuff or snap inside a cloth diaper for absorbency. 

ISO - In search of (Whenever you are in search of something on the BST)

LINER- A liner is a cloth or disposable insert that is placed on top of the cover for easy clean up of solid waste. Also used for diaper protection when a non-safe cream is being used. 

LO- child

MF - Microfiber (This is the least popular type of inserts. Only because it is not safe to put directly on babies skin. The absorbency on these are also very low)

MIL- Mother in law

NB - Newborn

NIP - New in package(When the diaper or diaper product has not been taken out of its package)

NOOP - New out of package (New, unprepped, usually only taken out of package for photos)

OS- One size (The most common diaper size. One Size diapers usually come with bottons on the front so that you can adjust the size for babies legs and hips.)

OTB - On the baby or On the butt/bum

PPD - Postage paid (Postage is included in your price for selling an item.)

PUL - Polyurethane Laminate (This is the water resistant fabric used on the outside of most cloth diapers.)

VGUC - Very good used condition (BST term)

WAHM -Work at home mom

I will be frequently adding to this. It's kinda like... never ending. As soon as I think I know it all, there's always more!

I hope you find this helpful. Don’t worry, it gets easier as you go. :)

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