Meet the team


Hey! I'm Melannie, but most people call me Mel ☺️
I was young when I had my first two kids, so I let others sway me easily with their opinions. I wanted to cloth diaper with my 2nd, but let my husband talk me out of it. Five years later we got blessed with our 3rd baby! I told my husband he had no choice. He absolutely LOVES cloth now. We started out with Nora's and a bit before I had our surprise 4th baby, I found Cosmic Cloth! They're absolutely the best diapers in our opinion. We love them not only because we are nerds, but because they are such great diapers. I now have the wonderful opportunity to work with Sierra on all kinds of artwork! It's such an amazing experience. I love being able to be a part of creating the designs that you all love ❤️

Dolly, Graphics - Creative Crew

“My name is Dolly, I am a Texan and a mother of 2 girls born 8 years apart. I suffer with PCOS and once I found out I was pregnant with Leticia I knew I wanted to do cloth. My first born was a preemie so I never got the chance to look into cloth or give it a shot. So with Leticia I knew I had to research and educate myself. Of course we all want to do cloth for the environment and to save money. It was a super bonus to find Comic Cloth! I love anime so much and when I found Cosmic they had so many prints that just were “Me”. Cosmic had so many amazing prints to offer I was hooked. The owner is super sweet and she’s always amazing at keeping customer in the loop. If any problem arises she always transparent and tries to fix any issues. Leticia will forever be a Cosmic Cloth girl! We have been using cloth diapers since April 2021 and hope to continue our cloth diaper journey with more Cosmic Cloth.”


Ashley, Social Media Manager/ Creative Crew

Ashley is the face you may be familiar seeing on our Instagram page 👋
She’s our social media manager and part of our creative crew. She often takes pictures and posts videos sharing her enthusiasm for all things nerdy, and love for cosmic cloth products. She shares lots of cloth diapering information on her YouTube channel, including the newborn no hack for a cosmic cloth OS diaper, and 7 ways to use a cosmic cloth diaper pod. In her free time she loves interior design, thrifting, foraging, making art, gardening, playing games and reading. Her first cosmic cloth diaper was the calcifer “may all your bacon burn” 🔥 diaper, and she was hooked! She married her teenage sweetheart Mike 14 years ago, is a mother of three children and has two chihuahuas.



Sierra, Owner/Operator 

Hi! My name is Sierra and I am the owner of Cosmic Cloth & Company. I created this business out of my love for cloth diapers. I couldn’t find many prints that appealed to me and with my husband being a HUGE anime nerd, that became my niche. I have two kids, a baby and a toddler and that on its own is a job! When I’m not working the business(it’s more of a love than a job), I like to use my telescope to Star gaze, try new recipes, and listen to music. However, the kids take up most of my time so I’m usually playing legos or dancing in my living room! I’m really glad you’re here and I hope you have found something that makes you happy or helps you in your cloth diaper journey. I am always open to ideas and constructive criticism. So shoot me an email or meet us over in the FB group! We’d love to have you!