New Fit Features

 I wanted to create something that would last from birth to potty training, instead of having to purchase a bigger sized diaper every time my babies grew out of them. These diapers are a true one size as these are the only diapers you will need! 

  • Double dirty closure snaps. Gives you more of a tighter fit around the waist if needed.
  • Thick back elastics to contain those blowouts and gentler on babies skin. Won’t leave those angry, red marks.
  • Center indicator and insert snap. Helps you find the center of the diaper for easy snapping. You can also snap inserts here.
  • Blue dreamy athletic wicking jersey. Otherwise known as “AWJ”. This fabric is used as a lining in diapers as it’s safe against babies skin. It’s also known as a “stay dry” material as it wicks moisture away. It gives a cooling effect so it won’t overheat your baby.
  • Soft PUL(TPU). This fabric is not waterproof, but water resistant. It’s bonded using heat and not chemicals so it’s safe for baby.
  • 3x5 Rise Snaps to fit your baby from birth into toddlerhood. Use the highest row for your smaller baby and let out a rise each time your baby grows!
  • Wide curved tummy panel to prevent those tummy leaks. This is especially good for those tummy sleepers.