Pre Order Updates



ONL- Please email if your package is not scanned in by March 5th or if you do not have a tracking number by the morning of the 1st. My husband is at training but shall return this weekend to help with taking packages to the post office. Refunds are still being accepted.

Blankets, Kentucky- Will start to ship in April

Non profit Clothing- This order will “START” to ship beginning March. It will be completed in batches in order of date placed. 

These are updated TAT’s. Please check spam for email update if you have not received an email. 

Camille- ETA is still April until I can get a more accurate time frame. Liable to change. 

Diaper Bags- Starts to ship mid June 

If anyone has any questions or concerns, send me an email! 

Please see refund policies for more refund information.


Updated: February 27, 2023